Below is a detailed list of all the equipment I have to offer. All the equipment you see here included in the final price. There is no additional charge for any of these items below! So if you like, we can bring all the equipment, or just some of it. Whatever you think will suit the event the most.

Pioneer Decks

To ensure you receive the optimum music quality, I use Pioneer for the CD players, which is the industry standard. A combination of 2 CDJ-350s with a Xone:22 2 channel mixer allows me not only to play music, but to offer live mixing, equalisation, and add effects to your favourite tracks.

This setup also comes with:

Stereo 15" 300W speakers which are powerful enough to play at even the largest event halls,

A dual wireless microphone kit with 50 metre signal radius,

A laptop with HDD/USB setup to easily access thousands of songs, and

Lights, lasers and other equipment listed below.

Basic Lights & Lasers

This is the basic light and laser package that is normally brought to every event. It includes a single hexagon light which displays 6 separate colourful light patterns (blue, green and red) and can span over a whole room, and also a green and red laser which has moving swirl patterns.

The lights can be positioned to display over a small area, or to cover a very large room. They are slow moving so they are ideal for those who may be sensitive to light. They are also bright enough to light up an entire room with the lights off, which gives them a very nice effect.

Club Style Lights & Lasers

These lights are more intense and faster moving than the previous lights shown. They are positioned as to shine only on the dancefloor area. The laser has 2 colours (blue and green) and displays random patterns. The light has 3 colours (red, blue and green) and shines 3 different patterns which move quickly around the dancefloor area.

In combination with a smoke machine, these lights show a very nice pattern, as you will be able to see the light coming from the source, all the way to the dancefloor. The picture here shows how these lights look with a smoke machine in use also. As these lights move quite quickly, they may not be ideal for those who want a more laid back event, or for those sensitive to light. However if you are after a more club feel to your event, or to really light up the dancefloor, this makes it a lot more special and eyecatching!

Bubble Machine

This machine is capable of blowing several bubbles all at once, over a very large area. It is a very popular choice for children, however we have used this in many events, such as weddings and adult birthdays too.

In combination with the lights, these bubbles can reflect all the colours, and make it very nice for photo shots, especially for weddings during the first dance.

Smoke Machine

A smoke machine is used to give a nice effect to the lights. It makes the lights visible in the air, rather than just shining on the floor and walls. This can be used with any lights, however the effect is best seen on the club style lights and lasers.

The smoke is non-toxic, so it is safe to use around people with sensitive lungs (Asthma, etc...). This is best used in an enclosed room, as the smoke with dissipate and become invisible, whilst the light effect will still be seen. This can last for a very long time, however if there are windows and/or doors open, the smoke will easily escape and the light effect will wear off. In cases like this, the smoke machine will be used several times throughout the event to keep the effect going.

Fog Machine

This machine puts a fog effect that stays close to the ground which covers a small area, like a dance floor. This is similar to how dry ice works, and can give the illusion that you are dancing on clouds, or walking through a mist. It is a nice effect for first dances at weddings, or just to change up the dancefloor into something different!

The fog is non-toxic, so it is safe to use around people with sensitive lungs (Asthma, etc...), and it uses regular ice instead of dry ice, which is much safer to handle. This fog machine however, is sensitive to air from open windows, doors and from air conditioners/fans. It will be placed in a position to minimise these effects, but it is much better to use this in an enclosed room, away from air conditioners and fans.

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