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  • 1. Are you a licenced DJ? +

    Yes! I always carry a current PPCA mobile DJ licence and ensure it is up to date.

  • 2. Do you charge for the time spent setting up and packing away your equipment? +

    No. I only charge for the time I am actually playing music.

  • 3. Do you charge for travelling costs? +

    If you live in the greater Sydney area, then there are NO charges for travelling costs. However, if you are outside of Sydney, there may be an additional charge to cover the fuel costs I would incur. For example, if you live in Newcastle, Wollongong, or Katoomba regions, there would be a slight additional cost because these areas are outside of Sydney. The cost however would only be enough to cover petrol, so it would not be too high and depends upon the distance from where I live to the event.

  • 4. Do you charge to bring extra equipment, such as lights, smoke machine, etc...? +

    No. Unlike some DJs, I carry all the equipment necessary to cater for any private event. The fee is based on per hour, which includes ALL the equipment I have to offer. In the end, it is up to you what you would like me to bring to your event.

  • 5. How do I know you will play the songs I want at my event? +

    Before the event, I personally catch up with each client and go through with them what they want to hear on the night. This way I know what styles of music you are into, or which artists you like, or even if you want to hear specific songs heard. On top of that, I also have the necessary means to purchase and download songs on the spot, so if there is a song you want to be played on the night, you will hear it!

  • 6. What styles of music do you play? +

    While I specialise in Dance music styles, I am willing to play any style of music you can think of. Pop, RnB, Rock, Classics, New Age, Ballads, etc... Anything you wish to be heard, I will endeavour to play that genre during your event!

  • 7. Do you require a deposit? Is it refundable? +

    Yes. To secure the date of your event I require a deposit of $100. This deposit is refundable as long I receive minimum of 14 days notice before the event. To organise payment, I personally try to organise to meet up you in person, along with my partner Mehtap (at a place and time of your choosing). In this meeting there will also be a contract to go over to ensure all questions about the event will be answered, and to ensure your event will go off without a hitch!

  • 8. What is the minimum amount of hours my event has to be to hire you? +

    The simple answer to this is that there is no minimum hourly requirement. If you wish to hire me just for 1 hour, then I will do so. However keep in mind that to gain the most out of your night, you should try and have the event lasting from 3 hours onward. Otherwise there would not be a great oppurtunity for a variety of songs to be played. Also, the longer I am hired for, the better value the event becomes, as the hourly rate becomes cheaper the longer I play for!

  • 9. What do you mean when you say you offer "live mixing and effects"? +

    With regards to live mixing, this is refering to the blending of two songs together so you do not hear one song stop, and the other start. This gives a continuous flow of music throughout the whole night without pauses or predictable endings. While dance music is perfectly structured for this, it can be done with any music. Not a lot of private DJs do this for their clients.

    With regards to effects, I am refering to ways I can alter the music being played just to give a different feel. This can be things like adding filters to change the way it sounds, or sampling other songs in the mix, or even repeating certain sections of a song for a build up effect. Once again something which not a lot of private DJs would do.

  • 10. Do you take requests from guests? +

    Yes! As long as the client has given permission, I will take any song requests from guests. The song may not be played immediately on request as it does not sound good to end songs early, and it does take some time to locate and prepare a song, however it will be played on that night guaranteed.

  • 11. How do I contact you to make a booking or to check for availability? +

    To make a booking or check availability, you can either contact my partner Mehtap on 0401 751 606 and go through the details with her, or you can visit the Contact Me page on this site, and fill out the form. I will personally get back to you as soon as possible to organise the event for you. If you are waiting for a reply back via email, and haven't received a reply within 24 hours, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL. I always reply back, so the email may be found there.

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