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Do you want to hire a professional DJ in Sydney with cheap rates? Then I have the services you require to make your event something you'll remember for years to come. I offer DJ services for private functions and events, such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, formals, house parties, and many other indoor/outdoor events.

I do specialise in Dance music, however I will be willing to play most styles of music to make your special occasion a hit! Styles of music I would play include:

Commercial Dance, House, Trance, Hardstyle, Hard Dance, Dubstep, Club/Rave, Techno, Old School, RnB, Hip Hop, Urban, Pop, Rock, Classics, Funk & Disco, 70s, 80s, 90s, Recent, Top 40, Contemporary, Ballads & New Age music.

As well as offering to play music, I will perform as DJs are supposed to, by mixing live, sampling, and using effects. And I will only charge just as much as other DJs do. If you are interested in a true DJ experience. Also, seeing as I do produce my own music, you will be able to hear songs that you will not hear at clubs or on the radio.

So if you want the perfect music played at your wedding, or to turn your birthday party into a club style event, or to make a school disco a night they'll never forget, whatever the case, my DJ services will make the event one to truly remember!

Pricing, Bookings & Enquiries

For Pricing, click here or scroll to the bottom of this page!

Click here to make a booking or enquiring via email, or contact Mehtap on:

0401 751 606

You will receive a reply back on the same day with information about availability, pricing, music styles, or anything else you may have enquired about.

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Different to other DJ's

The majority of DJ's around have very easy jobs. They have the equipment, they have a microphone, and they know how to play CD's and turn some knobs. This is only a small portion of what DJ's are supposed to offer.

I propose to be different. As you are probably already aware of, I specialise in Dance music, and willing to play any style. On top of that, I will not just sit there and play song after song with just a flick of a switch. I will do what DJ's are supposed to do. Mix each song live! Make the entire night filled with seamless mixes so you won't notice when one song starts, and the next begins.

Ever heard Dance Compilation CD's that seem to be one continual mix of the entire album? This is how DJ's are supposed to perform, so you get a more fulfilled experience. Otherwise, you may as well just hire a jukebox and bring your own microphone. As well as being one of the few Dance DJ's around, I will endevour to play any style of music which will make the public happy.

This is my vision. If you are interested in my services, please contact Mehtap on 0401 751 606 or Click Here to make a booking.

Below is a table showing the pricing per hour for any event. Note, the longer the event goes for, the cheaper the hourly rate becomes.

Price per Hour
Total Price






















$75 extra per each additional hour

Note: Prices will be increasing for events occurring after 1st of January 2024.

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